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Employee referral scheme for Recruitment – Employee Brings Employee  

1. Objective:  

·         The objective of this scheme is to encourage our employees to refer suitable candidates for the company requirement from time to time and recognize their contribution by rewarding them suitably. This is also in line with strengthening the commitment of employees by expressing their satisfaction by referring the company to candidates.  

2. Eligibility:  

·         All employees up to the grade of MN1 may refer candidates under this scheme. Employees in HR Department, Functional/Department head who is in requirement/responsible of the vacancy filling are not eligible to participate under this scheme. (Functional/Department head includes – Head of any function, RMs, AMs, and heading any vertical/category/ group of activities.)

 3. Applicability:  

·         This scheme is applicable to permanent position only (excluding freshers, trainees, campus hires, contract/temporary etc).  

4. Procedure:  

i.        Details of the vacancies (Vacant position, Candidate profile, Experience, Position location) will be suitably circulated by the HR department as and when arises. The vacancy shall be posted through mail/ CavinKare website/ Cavinkarean site or thro notice boards as applicable.  

ii.      Employees can refer candidates to the HR department, if he/she personally known to them about their initial suitability and also about their antecedents in particular.  

iii.    A hard / soft copy of the resume of the candidate shall be forwarded to the Recruitment cell of HR Department.  Mail to  

iv.    If the candidate referred by the employee is selected and he / she joins the company, the employee who referred him/her will be intimated accordingly.  

5. Referral Benefit:  

i.        Every joining through referral, the employee referring the candidate is eligible for the following reward, as a token of recognition.  

a.    Up to and including Grade O1 :    - Rs.  8,000.00    (Rupees eight thousand only)

b.   Grades MN4 to M3 :                        - Rs.15,000.00    (Rupees fifteen thousand only)

c.    Grades MN2 and above :               - Rs.22,000.00    (Rupees twenty two thousand only)  

ii.      The reward amount will be paid in 2 (two) installments i.e. 50% on joining and the balance 50% on completion of 6 (six) months or on confirmation of the referred candidate whichever is earlier.  

iii.    If the referred candidate leaves the company before 6 months of service, the employee who referred the candidate will not be eligible for the balance 50% of the referral reward.  

iv.    Both the employee entitled to the reward and the candidate who joined the company should be on the rolls of the company at the time of disbursement of reward.  

General terms:

i.        All employee referral payments are taxable as per the prevailing tax rates.  

ii.      In case, when two employees refer same candidate, the first employee’s reference (based on the date of receipt of resume) shall be considered.  

iii.    Employees cannot refer candidate’s who have attended the interview with the company/group in the last six months.  

iv.    In case the resume is already available in the Data Bank, the referral will not be considered.  

v.      Candidates referred shall also be eligible for placement in any of the group companies of CavinKare and the reward shall be applicable.  

vi.    In the event of any difference / disputes arises on this scheme, the decision of the management is final and binding.  

vii.  The terms of this policy shall subject for change and shall be amended as and when required.

 The scheme is effective August 01, 2006.


 Proposed by:                                       Recommended by:                             Approved by:

T A Mathew Gunaseelan                  Oommen Abraham                            C K Ranganathan


June 16, 2006